Tips and Techniques

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Our blends are best kept warming in your pocket 10-15 min. prior to applying, or on a window ledge in the sun, or open while you shower or shave. A hair dryer on a warm setting may be used but don't get too close! Properly warmed the wax will feel smooth and a bit creamy but not "liquid". Rub your thumb in the tin in a circular motion to capture your desired amount.

For those who purchase Great Great Grampa's Extreme Blend©; This is a STIFF wax. It's blended that way to withstand 90+ degree temperatures, high humidity regions!. It should be warmed to softness before applying. We also recommend putting it on in layers, rather than a bunch at once.

PUSH NICELY/shovel (not scrape/dig in) wax up on the fingernail of your index finger, and then wipe it onto your thumb of the same hand. (Push like a bulldozer pushes up dirt.) Rub the wax back and forth 2-3 times between your index finger and thumb. Then apply using your index finger. Another method is to use both index finger and thumb if you’re trying to handlebar or want more control of where the wax is applied. Small amounts work best. We also recommend starting under the nose and drawing outwards. The amount that the Pea melts will depend on your blend.

Again, make sure your wax is at room temperature or warmer prior to applying. You may want to put it in your pocket, over a warm vent, on top of the coffee pot, on a sunny window ledge as you have breakfast etc. to make the wax even easier to apply. Running the (closed) tin under hot water has also been found to work well. If water gets in the tin just shake it out and blot with a towel if needed. It's wax...water's not going to hurt it! However, the wax needs to be dry for application or it will ball up on you instead of going on smoothly. Your fingers and facial hair also need to be dry for best results in applying. Others have found warming the wax with a hair dryer can be helpful. Using a soft toothbrush or boar's hair brush or moustache comb to work the wax thru the 'stache or beard after applying is recommended. Plastic bristle brushes are NOT recommended.

Please note: if you warm the wax up in the tin, it's not necessary to rub the wax back and forth between your fingers before applying. If the wax is already very warmed in the tin rubbing your fingers together will actually create the opposite effect of cooling off the wax and possibly making it crumble and not go on smoothly.

Our wax is washed out with warm water and soap/facial hair shampoo. The shampoo you put on your hair is NOT meant for a beard or moustache. Most men don't completely wash out their beard or moustache every day as it can be drying to the hair. Apply conditioner if needed 1-3 times a week. We recommend a complete wash once a week and just reapply the wax as needed each morning.

If you have a question, don't hesitate to Contact Us. We welcome the opportunity to Serve our Clients.