Autumn Walk Blend


"Autumn Walk"

This blend was inspired by a yearning for the colors and smells of the Northeast United States as the seasons change.
Close your eyes and take an Autumn Walk in the woods.

Your greeted by a rich long lasting woody aroma, accompanied by a soft, warm and creamy light earthy scent reminiscent of a walk in the autumn woods. The scent is created with our unique blend of the oils of Patchuli, Sandalwood and other 100% natural, essential and carrier oils. Great Great Grampa wouldn't have it any other way.

This is a Limited Blend and Collector tin. There is a limit of 6 per household.

Autumn Walk is available in both our 2oz. Medium and Extreme/Stiff Blends. Shipping is free up to 3 tins. If you order more than three tins you will receive an email from us. PLEASE Make SURE the email address in your Paypal Account is current.

Great Great Grampa's Autumn Walk - $13.75