Cedar Chest

Great Great Grampa's Cedar Chest Blend

Great Great Grampa's
Cedar Chest Blend

The beautiful scent of Cedar reminiscent of the cedar forests of North Carolina, Florida and . . .Gramma's Cedar Chest!

Nothing but Cedar
in this light but full body scented GGGrampa's blend. Combined with other essential and carrier oils the result is a traditional favorite..... For Facial Hair!
"Treat It, Tame it, Display it!

This Great Great Grampa's Premium Blend uses only 100% natural ingredients intended not only to style moustaches and beards, but to also treat them with vitamins A, B, D and E. and smell great. Our Extreme Blend is well suited for "High-style" hair fashions, "stay all night" curls and Spiked hair.
Great Grampa wouldn't have it any other way!

Available in 2oz. Mild, Medium or Extreme Blend
Traditional or White Wax
1oz. Hand & Body Lotion too!

All of Great Great Grampa’s scented blends include only natural scents of premium oils
(not manufactured fragrances).
No Petroleum
100% Natural Ingredients found to be beneficial to facial hair and skin,
including vitamins A, B, D and E.
No Colors other than what nature has provided.
Not harmful to the User, Children, Pets or the Environment.
Great Great Grampa made sure of it!

Shipping is free up to 3 tins. If you order more than three tins you will receive an email from us.
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Don't Forget Your Hands OR Your Significant Others!
Summertime is near. Keep your hands and body moisturized!

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Great Great Gramma's Hand & Body Lotion !
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Great Great Grampa's Cedar Chest Blend
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Great Great Grampa's Cedar Blends

Reasons to get Great Great Grampa's Cedar Chest Blend

  • Have the Best Smelling, Best looking Facial Hair in Town!
  • Reap the soothing benefits of the scent of cedar scent throughout the entire day!
  • Immediate shipment
  • Start or add to your collection of Great Great Grampa's tins.
    (The coolest guys have them all ya know)
  • Our testers, men and women gave it a TEN on the "Now THAT smells like a man" scale!

  • Get Set For The Summer!
    Add Great Great Grampa's Piña Colada Blend!Pineapple, Coconut and Rum!
    Choose HOLD

    Mild Hold
    For all weight moustaches and beards.If you want to treat your facial hair daily with just a "wee bit" of hold this should be your choice. Just a small bit goes a long way. Our Mild Blend treats your facial hair and skin with an abundance of nature's goodness and vitamins like B, D & E to make your face feel great, and your facial hair looking and feeling healthy, shiny and soft. Also great for first time growers to GET RID OF THE ITCH.
    Medium Hold
    For Light / Medium weight moustaches, beards and hair styles.
    Blended to give your hair "the general idea" without the need to be too stiff. Our Medium blend conditions with vitamins as it puts your facial hair in shape (also great for eyebrows). Great choice for those "Mo's in Training" and beards that "Need a little taming'.
    Extreme/Stiff Hold and Styling
    For Sculpting/Styling & heavy weight moustaches and beards and high style hair.
    The Competitors Choice

    Our stiffest blend to hold your facial hair shape, especially handlebars while conditioning. Set it and forget it with 100% Natural Ingredients. Blended to perform in high heat (+85deg.) and humid regions. Great for spiked and high style Men's and Women's hair!
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