Christmas Sleigh Ride

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We were looking at old holiday pictures of Great Great Grampa and the family at the New York Homestead, the Tannery and surroundings in the 1800's and said .....
Let's put ourselves in their place at holiday time with a scent. What did we get?

Christmas Sleigh Ride
Leather, Berry and Pine

Close your eyes and open your senses and take a sleigh ride through the forest. You're wrapped in your woolen blanket as you glide through the snow, the air filled with the scent of pine. The smell of the sleigh's leather seat and horse's tack is present as the crisp cool breeze rushes over your face. You turn to head back to Gramma's house where the smells of the hearth and bounty are warm and soothing.

This Great Great Grampa's Proprietary Blend uses only 100% natural ingredients intended not only to style moustaches and beards, but toalso treat them with vitamins A, B, D and E. and smell great!
Great Great Grampa wouldn't have it any other way!

Christmas Sleigh Ride Blend is available in our 2oz. Mild, Medium and Extreme / Stiff Blends. Traditional or White wax.

Shipping is free up to 3 tins. If you order more than three tins you will receive an email from us with exact shipping cost.

Great Great Grampa's
Christmas Sleigh Ride

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