Citrus Grove


Great Great Grampa's
Citrus Grove Blend

On a recent trip we came upon a Florida Citrus Grove and couldn't resist a stop. We met with the groves owner and he gave us a tour.

As we wandered through the trees we smelled something rather unique. It was the smell of citrus, but had a warm deep smell. The owner informed us that they were burning dead limbs that had fallen.
"We have to have that scent!"

We stayed for a while talking, eating some super oranges and grapefruit, playing with kids and capturing the smell in our clothes and a container. When it was time to go we were presented with some limbs to burn as we would later try to recreate the scent.

The sweet scent of Orange comes first from this blend followed by a light grapefruit. After a few minutes as it is exposed to warmth the rich scent of Patchouli and 2 other natural oils combine for a deep, mellow, citrus scent.
We hope we have captured our walk in the Citrus Grove.for you to enjoy

Available in 1oz. and 2oz Waxes
Hand & Body Lotion too!

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Great Great Grampa's "Citrus Grove" Blend
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