Cinnamon Orange Spice


Great Great Grampa's
Cinnamon Orange Spice

Recently I was enjoying a cup of tea with a gentlemen who said "If you would put that scent in a moustache wax it would be a perfect fall scent".
So, We DID!

It doesn't get much richer, deep or scented than our Cinnamon Orange Spice. Our GGGrampa's Blenders didn't skimp when it came to the strength either! Liken it to a very full body, deep, warm cup of tea.

The scent of warm orange greets you first followed by cinnamon. A hint of clove rounds out this fantastic fall trio. As the blend warms it gets even better!
For those of you enjoyed our "Autumn Walk" blend of 2015 you'll LOVE this!

Available in our 2oz. Mild, Medium or Extreme Blend wax
1oz. Hand & Body Lotion too!

All of Great Great Grampa's scented blends include only natural scents of premium oils
(not manufactured fragrances).

No Petroleum
100% Natural Ingredients found to be beneficial to facial hair and skin, including vitamins A, B, D and E.
No Colors other than what nature has provided.
Not harmful to the User, Children, Pets or the Environment.
Great Great Grampa made sure of it!

Shipping is free up to 3 tins. If you order more than three tins you will receive an email from us. PLEASE Make SURE the email address in your Paypal Account is current.

Great Great Grampa's Cinnamon Orange Spice Blend
Traditional Wax
Snow-white Wax
Reasons to get your Cinnamon Orange Spice Blend
  • Have the Best Smelling, Best looking Facial Hair in Town!
  • Enjoy the light, sweet smell of warm spiced, Cinnamon, Orange and Clove emanating from your "Badge of Manliness" for all to enjoy
  • They make Great Holiday Stocking Stuffers and Gifts!
  • Get Immediate shipment of your tin
  • Start or add to your collection of Great Great Grampa's tins.
    (The coolest guys have them all ya know)
  • SAVE $$$$