Cupid’s Blend


Cupid's Blend
Intoxicatingly Naughty

In classical mythology, Cupid (Latin Cupido, meaning "desire") is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection.
I asked our Blenders to "Put that in our wax, and think like Cupid . . . Naughty!".
They Did!

This seductive blend combines the intoxicating aromas of 6 scented Premium Oils led by the "Love oil"- Aphrodite. Joining in this dance of love is light musk to tantalize the senses while entwining with the scent of carnation. As the oils warm the concert continues with a sexy blend of Patchouli and Cherokee Fruit. Completing this union is the unique aroma of Dark Musk. The result is an intoxicating, light, airy crescendo of inviting Love.

This Great Great Grampa's Proprietary Blend uses only 100% natural ingredients intended not only to style moustaches and beards, but to also treat them with vitamins A, B, D and E. and smell great!
Great Great Grampa wouldn't have it any other way!

Cupid's Blend is available in our 1oz. and 2oz. Mild, Medium and Extreme / Stiff hold blends.
Traditional and white wax.

Don't Forget Your Significant Other!

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Great Great Grampa's
Cupid's Blend
Traditional Wax
White Wax

You Have the Scent. . The Rest Is Up To You.

There is a limit of 4 per household.
Shipping is free up to 3 tins. If you order more than three tins you will receive an email from us with exact shipping cost.

Reasons to get your Cupid's Blend

  • Have the Best Smelling, Best looking Facial Hair in Town!
  • The "Power of Cupid" in a Moustache & Beard wax!
  • Immediate shipment
  • Start or add to your collection of Great Great Grampa's tins.
    (The coolest guys have them all ya know)
  • Our testers, men and women gave it a TEN on the "Snuggle Meter"!

Great Great Grampa's Sincerely thanks Artist Geraldine Arata of San Francisco, California for graciously allowing use of her painting "Naughty Cupid" for this Collector Tin. While looking for art for the Valentine's Day Blend in 2016 we came upon her work "Naughty Cupid" and said "Why not ask if we can use it". The rest is "on the tin" and we've made a new friend.

Geraldine is a "Best of America Oil Artist" and we encourage you to look up her work! Her paintings are amazing and there are sizes to fit every art lovers budget. Tell her Great Great Grampa sent you!

Visit her website or the

Arata Fine Art Gallery & Studio
4951 Grayhawk Court
Dublin, California, U.S.A.