We listen very hard to the feedback we get from our customers.
Knowing what we're doing right and what could be changed or improved is important to us.
Great Great Grampa Cornelius wouldn't have it any other way, nor would we.

With comments like these, it seems we're doing things right.

"Great item works awesome crazy fast shipping "

"Superior to......pretty much everything else I've tried! Living in the Florida Panhandle with heat and humidity its almost impossible to find a moustache wax that holds up for more than 15 minutes. I've tried Clubman, Stache Bomb and even concocting my own mixtures. Great Great Grampa knows what he's doing. No longer considering cutting it off and waiting again till Winter. Thanks for a great product. " anon

"I have been using this product for while now and it has performed much better than others that I have tried, I will purchase again when I need more. Very satisfied with the product." Richard, Florence AZ

"Best wax for a 'stache. Very thick and strong. Not like the other waxes in the market. The price scared me at first but it takes so little that the can will last a long time. Humidity wont effect it which is a big problem here in the south where we have more humidity than air!" Kevin E., Republic Missouri

"I am so thrilled to find a wax that will hold"

"Perfect product, just as described, very fast shipping will buy from again"

"I have had a droop free handlebar for the last 2 days!!! We have had some cooler weather and it rained yesterday. But even during the rain I was droop free! I've never had that experience before so you can imagine how happy I was! "

"Great product my stach has not looked better in months!!!!"

"Very fast service! Wonderful product! Thanks!"

"Very nice. Just as described. Fast delivery. I can finally tame my moustache"

* Be assured comments were made by customers of Great Great Grampa's. We don't have to make them up, people send them to us!

Competitors using our waxes
have done very well!

1st - Central Florida - "Mr. Whisker" 2017
Best Damn Mustache

1st - Merica Celebration, hosted by Orlando Facial Hair Club

1st - Florida Beer Company, Cape Canaveral, FL

2nd - Bunky's Monkey Bar, Indialantic, FL

1st - Daytona Tap Room, Daytona, FL

1st - Bunky's Monkey Bar, Indialantic, FL

1st - Daytona Tap Room, Daytona, FL - TWICE!

2nd - Moustache Group -Brotherhood of Moustaches & Beards (B.O.M.B.)

Have you competed using our wax?
Let us know how you did!
Send us a pic!

Great Great Gramma's Lotion

"Great lotion, very healing and perfect for my purse and office too!" Stacy R., Florida.

"I Love it! My husband orders a wax and I get a matching lotion! Angela P., Wisconsin

"As a new and first time mother I want to thank you. Nursing my baby was becoming very painful. I had very sore and cracked nipples. Lotions I tried just weren't helping much. A co-worker recommended Great Great Gramma's. I tried it and can't believe how well it works. I've now read up on the many uses of your product (starting with my son's diaper rash) and think Great Great Gramma's Lotion will be in our house for a long time. Thank You!
Marybeth R., Maine.

"Saw it, bought it, love it. I'll take 5 in all scents for Christmas stockings!" Cheryl T., Oklahoma