Great Great Grampa’s Leather & Fabric Wax


More than a century ago it was nick named "Tin Cloth"
because it was so Durable and Reliable

It hasn't changed!
For use on Leather or
Tight Weave Fabric

Aprons, Hats, Shirts, Tarps, Tents, Boots,
Rope, Chaps, Gloves. Belts, Canvas,
and Much Much More!

Heat, Stir and Paint it on!

An Outdoors man's Must Have!
Waterproofs, Insulates, Strengthens and Protects!

Welders, Glass Blowers, Woodsman,
Metal Workers Protect Yourself!

1 Pint / 473ml
Can opening is greater than 2 1/2 inches for easy application with 2' brush.