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Mild Hold
For all weight moustaches and beards.
If you want to treat your facial hair daily with just a "wee bit" of hold this should be your choice. Just a small bit goes a long way. Our Mild Blend treats your facial hair and skin with an abundance of nature's goodness and vitamins like A, B, D & E to make your face feel great, and your facial hair looking and feeling healthy, shiny and soft. Also great for first time growers to GET RID OF THE ITCH.

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medium blendMedium Hold
For Light/Medium weight moustaches, beards and hair styles.
Blended to give your hair "the general idea" without the need to be too stiff. Our Medium blend conditions with vitamins as it puts your facial hair in shape (also great for eyebrows). Great choice for those "Mo's in Training" and beards that "Need a little taming'.

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Extreme BlendExtreme/Stiff Hold and Styling
For Sculpting/Styling & heavy weight moustaches and beards.
The Competitors Choice

Our stiffest blend to hold your facial hair shape, especially handlebars while conditioning. Set it and forget it with 100% Natural ingredients. Blended to perform in high heat (+85deg.) and humid regions. Great for spiked and high style Men's and Women's hair!

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Snow-white Blend"Snow-white" Blend

Our traditional holds blended specifically for light, grey or white moustaches and beards using only 100% natural clear or white ingredients.

As with all of our blends Snow-white is intended to not only hold your facial hair (and hair styles) in place but also treat the hair with vitamins A, B, D and E. Great Great Grampa wouldn't have it any other way!

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custom-tin-smCustom Blending

We welcome the opportunity to personalize your wax. Whether it be a scent, consistency or temperature range we can blend the right tin for you. We keep your favorite blend on file to make re-orders fast and easy.

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tin-lotion2Great Great Gramma's Hand & Body Lotion

Great Great Grampa Cornelius was "particular" about everything he created. Keeping skin soft would be no different. This blend is vitamin filled, thick and rich with 100% natural ingredients. The long lasting lotion goes deep to soften and soothe skin.
Works wonders on rough, dry or chaffed skin. Calluses, Corns and Heels too!
"Working mans hands are no match!
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Great Great Grampa's Leather and Fabric Wax
When Protection, Strength and Staying Dry Matters

For use on leather or fabric; Aprons, Hats, Shirts, Tarps, Tents, Boots, Rope, Chaps, Gloves and Much More!
Heat, Stir and Paint it on!
In Great Great Grampa's day they called it "Tin Cloth"

1Pint / 473ml - Can opening greater than 2 1/2 inches for easy application.
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Our Proprietary Scented Blends

"Autumn Walk" scent

This blend was inspired by a yearning for the colors and smells of the Northeast United States as the season changes.
Close your eyes and take an Autumn Walk in the woods

Your greeted by a rich long lasting woody aroma, accompanied by a soft, warm and creamy light earthy scent reminiscent of an autumn walk in the woods.

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"Celtic Garden" scent

From the countryside comes the rich scent of grass roots, almost a dirt smell reminiscent of peat. This gives way to the scent of the celtic garden. Tuberose, a "white floral" with an intensity and creaminess. Though the scent can be likened to that of orange blossom and gardenia, tuberose has interesting facets of camphor in the opening, and of dewy mushroom and earth when in bloom. Tea Rose and Aqua Flora bring this scent to it's long lasting finish.

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"Christmas Sleigh Ride" scent

Close your eyes and open your senses and take a sleigh ride through the forest. You're wrapped in your woolen blanket as you glide through the snow, the air filled with the scent of pine. The smell of the sleigh's leather seat and horse's tack is present as the crisp cool breeze rushes over your face. You turn to head back to Gramma's house where the smells of the hearth and bounty are warm and soothing.

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"Cinnamon Orange Spice" scent

It doesn’t get much richer, deep or scented than this Cinnamon Orange Spice. Liken it to a very full body, deep, hot cup of tea. The scent of warm orange greets you first followed by cinnamon. A hint of spiced clove rounds out this fantastic fall trio. As the blend warms it gets even better!

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cb-ann-sm"Cupid's Blend" scent

This seductive blend combines the intoxicating aromas of 6 scented Premium Oils led by the "Love oil"- Aphrodite. Joining in this dance of love is light musk to tantalize the senses while entwining with the scent of carnation. As the oils warm the concert continues with a sexy blend of Patchouli and Cherokee Fruit. Completing this union is the unique aroma of Dark Musk. The result is an intoxiczating, light, airy crescendo of inviting Love.

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Coconut, Cedar and 50 More Blend-able Scents!

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