Where the Love of Firearms and Art Meet

Hello World, and Welcome to RangeArt©

We’re 4 Florida shooters with a bit of flare, a messy streak and a love of art.

Being at the indoor range perfecting our skills is necessary, educational and fun. Combine the outdoors with  various firearms and “interactive targets” . . . and our art begins.    

Our 1-of-1 blasts of artistic expression are made with the aid of various .22, 9mm, .38 and .45 caliber handguns. 12ga & 20ga shotguns.

We use various types of paints and liquids fired upon using various stationary and moving targets, angled and simultaneous shots by multiple shooters. We use 1, 2 and 3 panels for large wall displays also.

Our 28in x 22in  1-of-1 RangeArt begins at $45.00 Shipped anywhere in the U.S.A . Shipping to other locations is available. Contact Us.

Each poster board canvas is easily mounted by you in a standard poster size plastic frame or can be professionally framed.

Recent Creations

Skeleton Dances Over Monster
9mm Taurus PT-111 G2

The Surprised Clown

Smith & Wesson .38 cal.

Misty Forest

9mm Kel-tec & .22 Sig Sauer

High Expectations

9mm Taurus PT-111 G2

Your piece will NEVER be re-printed.
Signed, Dated, location, shot used and numbered #1 of 1

A perfect addition to a Woman or Man Cave,
Your Store, Office or Shooting Range Clubhouse!
It’s RangeArt© !!

Need specific colors to match your wall?
Need to “match the couch”?
Have a shape or effect in mind?
Want us to travel and set up a canvas for YOU to create your own RangeArt©

We’re happy to discuss your project!
We do Baby “Big Reveals” WITHOUT the use of dangerous explosives like Tannerite!
Save the moment in RangeArt©
We LOVE Custom Shots!
We are ALWAYS good Stewards to our setting and leave nothing for animal or human to be hurt with.
We are Female and Male qualified and licensed firearms owners from 50 to 81. We adhere to strict Range Safety with regards to our firearms and those in attendance,
Our motto; Have fun, Create, Learn, and everyone go home Safe.
A Portion of the sale of this work will be donated to the Brevard County, FL No-Kill Animal Shelter.